any decent amps 17" wide?

I am looking for an amp to fit into a cabinet that will only allow 17" wide equipment. I want something that sounds good as well...Thanks
Take a look at Bob Carver's Sunfire site .

They have a number of amps (two and five channel) they make in 17-inch width. I use one of their "Cinema Grand" amps in my home theatre, and I am happy with it.

Mark Levinson 33 & 33H :-)
David Berning MicroZOTL is only 12 inches wide. Just about the size of a normal shoebox. Weighs 4 pounds. It delivers the most incredible 1 watt of pure audio nirvana that you will find. With high efficiency speakers like Lowther, AER, Reps, or horns like Carfrae, Beauhorn, etc., you can get over 100db. This is a fantastic combo. In many ways the Berning is better than a SET with these speakers. Only $750 factory direct. Pure Class A, Zero Hysteresis OTL, Triode, can be battery powered. Can be bridged to 2 watts. A knockout!
Brystons (such as the 7B- ST) are available without the handles and with a 17 inch faceplate. If you buy used, the narrower faceplate can be bought and simply swapped for a wider one.
Definitely consider the newest series of amplifier's from Bryston --the SST series. Order the 17" version. Available in Black or Silver face. The 3-B SST is 150 W/C that sounds more like a 250 W/C amp --which incidently it will deliver into a 4-ohm load. At approx. $1,500.00 US$, this newest SST series competes with some of the better/far more expensive amplifiers out there. Give it a listen. 20- year transferable warranty!

peter jasz
Different approach: Marantz makes a mono amp that's 3.5 inches wide. You could buy 4 of them and bi-amp.
B&K M-200's.