Any Daedalus Muse owners.. Need feedback.

It seems the new Muse from Daedalus is the new DA RMa (?). There have been so many glowing reviews and user feedbacks on DaRMa, But nothing on Muse.
Call Lou--he can give you the rundown on the evolution to new models. I heard the Muse at CAF last July--wonderful sound.
Thanks Dodgealum. I will definitely ask Lou, infect i did interacted with him a while ago. That was just before the Muse and Pan was introduced. There is a quite a lot of discussions on Daedalus models, but hardly anything on the lower ones. And at this moment it seems even Athenas are out of my budget. I'm from india so not much of opportunity of Daedalus audition. Luckily I am travelling to UK this summer and one of the DA RMa owner there has offered me an audition.
I am looking forward to your visit, but remember, my DA-RMAs are 4 to 5 year old models, current spec models with the V2 upgrade are supposed to be better, not that I am not happy with mine as they are. Lou is your man to ask how my speakers would compare with the current Muse model.

I am sure you know about the Audiocircle site where Daedalus has it's own circle. If you haven't looked, do, it is a very useful source of information, from many Daedalus users.
Thanks David. I've heard about Audio Circle, but haven't looked in to it in depth. Ill do my homework on this. Thanks again.
The DA-RMA actually morphed into the Athena. Lou said he wanted to duplicate the DA-RMA as closely as possible in a single box package.
The Muse is similar, but does not use as expensive crossover parts as the poly and V2 versions of the pricier models.
That said, they have the Daedalus sound, using the same drivers and cabinet construction as all the models. I have found in my DA-RMA v2s a very satisfying balance of high end virtues and a total lack of vices. After 3 years I still can't wait to get home and spend time with them. They never fail to present music as an involving experience.
Jmbatkh, I have the polycap version of the DA-RMA's, but not the V2. I would love to go for the upgraded version, but transport costs over the Atlantic and back to Lou, make it prohibitive. Can you comment on the changes the V2 upgrade made. Thanks, David
Hi David,
I can only offer a partial answer. My DA-RMAs did not have the poly crossovers, so I did the poly and the V2 at the same time.
The focus and soundstage became much more open and clear, with greater transparency. It seemed to remove a lot of obfuscation in the spaces between instruments.
My friend Jon has poly Athenas that he upgraded to V2. The differences were similar, I think, but not to the same degree as mine. Others have written similar assessments. So maybe 40% of the improvement is the poly, 60% V2?

Fly Lou over and you can both do a few pints, show him swinging London and have him work on your V2 upgrade while you cook up a Shepard's Pie

Hope he can get the crossovers and wiring through customs
Lou has very kindly suggested he could do that, but of course he is very busy. He did indeed visit in 2011 , from memory and have a few tinctures at the Pub over the road, a real ale haunt with never less than 8 barrels of very interesting beers from local small breweries.

I tried to sell my DA-RMas over here, to upgrade to the all bells and whistles Athena's, but no interest. Daedalus is pretty much unknown this side of the pond.

My Shepherds pie is renowned throughout the land by the way.

You need an audio club to come over and cook for and play those great speakers.

If someone hears them locally that's the real calling card.