Any DACs have the Sabre 32bit D/A Converter ??

I'm in the market for a DAC and am curious if there are any
DAC's for about $1000 or less that use a Sabre 32bit D/A converter.

I know the Peachtree Nova uses a Sabre D/A but I am looking
for a DAC that is just a D/A and not an integrated amp as

The short answer is not yet. The Oppo BDP-83SE is a universal player that uses the DAC (both in 2-ch and multi-channel) but it does not have any digital inputs allowing you to access the DAC chip set. The McIntosh MCD500 uses ESS Sabre 24-bit DAC chipset. It has digital inputs allowing you to access the DAC, but it is not the latest 32-bit architecture, plus it costs $6500. The Peachtree as you mention utilizes a Sabre DAC but it is the 24-bit DAC and it is also an integrated amp. Here is a link to ESS's website with press releases discussing who has adopted their DAC chipsets:
Eastern Electric was supposed to release the DAC 001 which uses the ESS Sabre Chip. If you are interested contact Bill O'Connell at Morningstar Audio Imports. The DAC uses Both Tube and SS outputs and I belive a USB Input.
The Wavelength Crimson uses the new Sabre chips, but it is well above your price point. Why do you want a DAC with this chip?
I belive Krell and SimAudio also use his dac in their statement products. They are well over a grand though.
The Nova can be used as a stand alone DAC, DAC/Pre, and DAC/Integrated amp.
there is a rudimentary dac mounted on plexi glass. i own it it retails for $450. contact the ess company. .

there is another dac chip, the wolfson, which is also 32 bit.

How do you like the esstech dac? Have you compared it to any others?

Try DACs from Wyred 4 sound, headroom, and Weiss Engineering.
i also have the ps audio pwd. i suspect i will get a lot of criticism and brickbats thrown at me, but, i prefer the esstech dac to the ps audio dac.
The Cary Xciter uses an AKM 32-bit chip, as does the entry level sim dac I think. Cary can come up used around $1000
Mrtennis, please tell me more about this rudimentary dac. Do you need to add a power supply, or is it a finished product without an enclosure?

Wyred Dac
hi johsti:

the dac is self contained mounted on a piece of acrylic. it contains a power supply and has as digital inputs, coax and usb.

contact the company to find out the name and number of the supplier of this product.
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Mr Tennis
Do you find the PWT the better of the PS Audio perfect wave duo? some seem to like the transport more than the DAC.
hi charles:

i haven't yet come to that conclusion. i have no opinion at this time.