Any Dacs compatible with cd players ?

I am looking for a high quality dac to use with my pioneer mega changer, it has a digital out, I was interested in the bel canto dac and some others but found that they must be connected with a dvd player, are there any good dacs that work with a cd player, thanks all
Samski, if your player, transport or changer has digital outputs you can connect it to any dac. Suggest you do a search regarding dacs -- there are so many good ones metioned here, and at many different price points, that I hesitate to make a specific recommendationn. There are lots and lots of recommendations (enough to spin your head) on past threads, though. Good luck.
The reference to dvd players involves 24/96 playback.

If a dac supports 24/96 then you need a dvd player to play a 24/96 disc.

You can use any transport that has a digital out to play standard (also called redbook) cd's.

There is a debate about the quality of a mega-changer used for a transport, but that's a different topic.

- A
MSB Link DAC III works great with my transport. These guys do great work!!!
Hi Samski, Aragain is correct in that Bel Canto recommends DVD players that output true 24/96 signals as being their prime choice of a transport. However, there are many people in the Agon forums, myself included that are getting very good results using 16/44 redbook CD transports along with the Bel Canto or any other DAC for that matter. DACs such as the Bel Canto DAC 1.1 unsample 16/44 signals and upsample them to 24/96.

Jim is dead-on with his suggestion. Along with Bel Canto there are so many good DACs to choose from. MSB, Assemblage, EVS, Perpetual Technologies to name a few have many threads dedicated to them here. Look into them and see what people say about their sonic signatures. See if they seem like something you'd like to try out.

Read, listen and enjoy.