Any currently using a Classe CP-50 or 60 pre amp, or prior experience?

On my continuing quest for putting together a second system, I was wondering if any could share their experience with these older Classe pre-amps.  I had a couple models below these and liked them at the time.  Thanks
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I used a CP-60 in my main system for a number of years earlier in this decade, and I was very pleased with both its sonics (fairly neutral but just a bit on the warm side) and its build quality.

Mine was the line-stage only version (i.e., it did not incorporate the optional phono stage).  I used both its balanced and unbalanced inputs, but only its unbalanced outputs, so I can't comment on the sonics of its balanced outputs.

Provided that the unit you would be purchasing is in top condition I doubt that among solid state preamps you could do much better than a CP-60 within its present day price range.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al

My first preamp was a Classe DR-6. I used it with a Classe DR-15 amp. I was pleased with it but wanted something new, so I sold it. That was probably 20 years ago. I do recall it was well-built, and well-reviewed at the time. The guy who bought it was thrilled to get it from me. I see them sell today for more than I sold it for, which may be an indication of how well they have held up. 
I have one that was heavily used 99-08 and then not used at all, recently brought it back from retirement and it sounds great, no noticeable degradation in quality from its first tour of duty.

I have it running (balance XLR) into a Classe CA-400, which is powering two Thiel CS 7.2s, it sounds very neutral and quiet. The whole system is fantastic, especially the silence that this Amp offers.  I've tried a McIntoch  MA6900 in place of the CP 60 and I much prefer the Classe for its purity, neutrality.

On side note, Currently looking for a more modern (balanced) DAC to use as input to the CP-60. I used to run a Classe DAC-1 as the primary input but that device has crapped out, perhaps not worth repairing given its age.

Considering Schiit Gungnir or (perhaps) Yggdrasil, but not sure how they will sound when paired with Classe, guessing probably good given the apparent neutrality of the CP-60. Anyone had any experience using a more modern DAC with the CP 60?  

Summary: Very solid piece of equipment, definitely worth revisiting if you have a chance.