Any Cure for

I'm running my iMac via left and right channel cable straight out the audio out connection into one of my receiver's line inputs and have noticed that every online radio feed I listen to through iTunes sounds tinny and as if it was being heard through about 20 feet of cardboard tubing (best description I can come up with). Is there any fix for this anywhere in preferences/settings/etc, etc or is this just the nature of the beast? All the stuff I've ripped from CD to iTunes sounds waaaay better than the streaming radio feeds...
You may need to use an out board DAC connected to the toslink outputof the IMAC
I have a MACBOOK connected in this fasion with good results. Although not all the stations provide a quality signal to begin with
Hi LG1
If you have $30 to risk, order on-line from Parts Express a Behringer USB DAC/headphone amp (the U-Control UCA202). It has a captive USB cable (plug into the IMAC) and RCAs out (to connect to your reciver).

If this improves the sound,then you'll know that a quality USB DAC will make a major improvement. "Quality" USB DACs, new ones, start at about $150 and go over $2000.

Try the Radio Paradise 128 AAC feed. If that sounds tinny go the spdif/dac route.
Wow!...What a difference the Radio Paradise feed is!

I wish my usual online station/feed sounded this good as it boasts an excellent Blues program on Sundays featuring much hard to find material and I live just beyond the traditional airwave fringes. Thanks for the Radio Paradise tip though...It's got its own space in my iTunes list now!