Any criticisms of Odyssey Stratos

Okay, so I've read all of the great reviews, both in various publications and in posts on various websites, and everyone seems to think these are great amps (and for the money they appear to be). But, let's be honest -- it can't be perfect. Is there anyone who can honestly find any faults (other than long break in time) with it? I'd be curious to hear these before I purchase one. Thanks.
I have no regrets in purchasing this amp, or can I find any sonic or construction faults. Faults are in the eye (or ear) of the beholder, at this price point, even if there was a small fault it would be worth it.

This baby is built like a tank!
The only thing I don't care for is the light up name plate, but it is not that bright.
Personally, I have found no faults with the Stratos (mono's or HT-3's), in almost a year of use. They have provided a noticeable improvement (in all sonic areas), over my previous Audio Research amps.
They are very detailed, and articulate, very dynamic, and very musical.
I don't see how one can go wrong with this choice...unless you just want to spend thousands more.
Great product. With the Symphonic Cap upgrade ($90), it compared well to the ARC VT100 mkII. When doubled to monoblock version, it moved up to a whole new level of transparancy and refinement.

You'll have to figure some other way to spend the extra money.
For about $2k you can have a new set of Stratos mono's or a used BAT VK-60 tube amp.

To me the BAT sounds more like music than the Stratos.

You probably won't hear anything 'wrong' with the Stratos, but you need to know the kind of sound you like in order to determine if the Stratos is a good buy for you.

I hear details with the BAT that I never heard with the Sratos.

My view is that the Stratos is a good value for the money, maybe even a great value. You just can't expect miracles because no amp will deliver on that promise.
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