Any Counterpoint SA-3 Owners?

Short request: I need a clear photo of the bottom of a Counterpoint SA-3 main board.

I'm putting a very abused SA-3 preamp back together, and I'm down to the last problem (I hope). I get a nasty motorboating thing on the phono stage. A previous owner tried to do a star grounding thing with three jumpers from the underside of the board to ground at the back of the chassis. I suspect there's a ground loop in there somewhere that's causing the motorboating. They're clearly owner mods -- different wire, poorly dressed etc. My schematic reading skills are terrible and I can't figure out whether these three points are supposed to be jumpered or not, and if so, how.

Thanks in advance gentlemen.
I have an SA 3.1 along with the service manual. If you want a photo, you'll have to contact me off line.
Motor boating is not ground loop
Likely a decoupling cap that is not touching ground.
Check for cold solder joint or burnt traces