Any Conrad Johnson CAV-45 S1 or S2 owners?

I'm considering the CJ CAV-45 S2 for a second system. I'd be pairing it with Devore Fidelity O/93 speakers, which are 10 ohms nominal and don't drop below 8 ohms. My understanding is that the CAV-45 is factory set with only 4 ohm speaker taps.

Is anyone using the CAV-45 with higher impedance (above 8 ohm nominal) speakers?

Also, has anyone had a problem with insufficient gain using their external phono stage? I worry about the lack of a line stage. My phono stage is a Manley Chinook, with 60db and 65b for the MC option.

I'd love to hear about any experiences, the above questions notwithstanding.

Thank you
@funthihngs Yes, the CAV 45S2 can drive the Devores.  The amp would need to be reconfigured at the factory for 8 ohms and then you would be all set. I have been using one as my daily amp for almost 9 months now and rarely change over to my main system.  You cannot go wrong with that amp.
As for the CJ phono stages, the TEA2 needs to be set at the factory for your cartridge. The TEA1 can be set by the user.

Hope this helps.

Obviously I am very late to this thread, but since I recently have acquired a CAV 45-S2, I’d like to say that paired with Guarneri Homage speakers the CJ is simply wonderful.