Any concerns about using a XLR to RCA adapter at my amplifier RCA input?

I presently have a fully balanced system and have only balanced Audience SX interconnects, with a 4 meter balanced run between my VAC preamplifier (transformer coupled) and my Clayton M300 monoblocks.  I'm considering trying an Audio Space AS-6M push pull 300B amplifier with only single ended/RCA input.  Are there any electrical problems using a Neutrik female XLR to male RCA adapter at the amplifier RCA input as I don't have a 4 meter RCA to RCA cable?  I believe the Neutrik adapter is pre wired with inverted signal shunted to ground. Thanks so much for your input, no pun intended!


If you wanted to make sure, you could test the Neutrik adapter to see if the negative polarity pin is connected to the ground on the RCA adapter.  For a transformer coupled output, that should be the correct configuration.  You should have the configuration #6 on the following Rane wiring reference:

If you are using the following Neutrik adapter, there is a slight possibility that you may have some ground loop hum (since both pins 1 and 3 are connected to gound)

If you do have ground loop hum, you may need to make your own cable/adapter and lift pin 1 from the RCA ground.

Looks like the VAC Preamp has a 8 volt output and the Audio Space AS 6M has an input sensitivity of 300 to 600mv ... seems the Pre my over drive the AS6M with it's 8 volt output or you won't be able to use much of the volume control on the VAC

This might be something else to take into account besides the PIN configuration that auxinput has brought up

You may want to consider a Pro Audio (XLR) to Consumer Audio (RCA) conversion box to knock down the voltage from the VAC to the AS6M

Here's one from Jenson ... ... a bit price at $329 but there are many that cost much less available on the internet