Any comparison between Audes/Gershman/Triangle?

I am in the market for speakers for my second system. I am replacing a couple of Aerius that were driven by a Classe CAP-100. My price range is $ 1500 or less used. My short list right now is Audes Blues, Triangle Celius and Gershman Cameleon. Anyone has compared them? Any other possibility in that price range? I really appreciate your opinions. Pablo.
Great Nearfield floorstanding speakers would be Audio Physic Spark.Good extenesion yet unobstrusive due to 6" width.Easy to grab from wall and pull out into room close to seating where they will really shine.If you had lot's of room away from wall and you dug the ML's then why not the Maggie 1.6's?????Maybe to closeto what they replaced but a hell of a bartgain if soembody has room space and amplification.
Let us know what you hear when you do audition.
I have heard the Celius and Chameleon at the same store (Primus audio-Kansas City) with identical electronics.(Arcam Integrated/Sim Audio CD)They both have strengths and are in some ways similar.The Triangle is delicate ,clean and extended in the upper frequencies.There is a high degree of detail,with no blurring of individual instruments,however they never sounded analytical.No real bass at all however.
The Gershman were tall speakers,which seemed to aid in every regard.They presented a large soundstage and were also clean and extended,with more low frequency extension.
They were also very attractive (if that is of any importance.)Overall-I thought the Triangle were very "alive" sounding,and would purchase them if the bass were more extended.I also want to hear the Audes.
Thank you very much to both, Chazzbo and Tracer. I also had the Maggies in my second tier, but I am now in the mood of moving away from planars. I really enjoyed the Aerius for five years, but when I replaced them with Silverline Sonatas in my main system, I again felt in love with spkeakers with more speed or dynamics of whatever word specialist use to describe it.
Thank you Tracer for your comparison. I have a better idea now. Pablo.
I auditioned the Triangle Celius with CJ tubes a few months back. Thought it was clear transparent and imaged well but absolutely horrible when you turned it up. The sound basically disintergrated with no bass.

I would say the Blues has the transparency and immediacy of the Celius BUT can rock a little better and can be turned up without breaking up. Bass is alot better too.

I bought the BLues.
See mey full review on
Triangles are all about speed,detail,and refinement...for box speakers...they are very transparent and image very well...however...their low end lacks impact...and sounds a bit hollow...very similiar to hi end Monitor Audio...if you are moving away from the "planar" sound which shares similiar characterics...I would suggest a "warmer" sounding speaker...such as Vandersteen 2ce Sigs...or Meadowlark Hotrod Kestrals...
Yes, you could give the Vienna Acoustics Mozart a look, very nice sound, very musical and easier to find then the Audes Blues on the used market. I know because I bought the Audes Blues new. Good hunting.