Any comparison Bel Canto U-Link and Aidiophilo 2

I searched around a lot that if could find a comparison between Bel Canto ulink and Audiophileo 2, but could not find any. I find comparison of these two with many other manufacturers, but not with each other. Even Audiophile wrote great thing about both in its review but did not compare. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of comparing current model of both products? Please help.
I have an Audiophilleo 2, but have not used a u-Link. Actually mine has PurePower, which makes it outstanding. Very much worth my money.

How do you intend to use them/with what components?

Some complementary info: I don't use a coax cable between AP2 and DAC, which is convenient and saves me from spending on yet another audiophile cable.
Operation has been rock solid. It never had an issue, or any computer-like hickups so to speak.
Customer service has been excellent. Again, never needed nothing to be fixed, but I did go from Win XP to Win 7 to Win Server 2012 with Audiophile Optimizer and needed assistance with the drivers, and at times sorting out what was causing the lack of sound in a new configuration, and Philip always replied fast, to the point, and really helpful.

There was a converter shootout maybe from a couple of years ago put together by memeber Elberoth, I think, on I remember the AP was compared, but don't remember if the u-Link was compared. Maybe worth digging?

Hope this helps...some :-)
As with Lewinski, I also have an audiophilleo2 w/purepower hooked to dac without coax cable. Very happy with this converter. Have not heard the ulink.
Today I got Bel Canto uLink, I connected and believe or not first thing came out of my mouth was Woooow. I have over $60K invested in my Audio Video equipment and this tiny $675 just amazed me. No more noise in the music, just music. So sharp, so open, so deep, just Wooooow.
Glad the feedback helped.