Any comments on Viasat Internet satellite services

Unfortunately, my audio friend does not have Internet cable service in his area.  The nearest cable link is 3+ miles away and it is very expensive to bring cable service to his home.

He is looking at Viasat Internet satellite services but has major concerns about signal quality and drop outs.  It offers download speeds up to 12 Mbps.

Does anyone have any experience with Viasat Internet satellite services? Is the 12Mbps download speed acceptable for music streaming?   When streaming, from Qobuz, for example, is the Viasat sound quality okay?  Is anyone using Viasat Internet satellite services?

Any other comments, solutions or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

See comments from Visat:

“The reason older versions of satellite internet service were slow had more to do with the technology available at the time than latency. Our satellites are in orbit a bit more than 22,000 miles above the Earth, but the speed of light is approximately 186,282 miles per second. So while there is a tiny bit of latency, it’s not enough to make a big difference in most uses of the internet.

Our new service incorporates groundbreaking web acceleration technology which dramatically speeds up page load times, minimizing the effect of latency. So in addition to the much higher speeds enabled by our high capacity satellite, you will experience a much faster, more responsive web browsing experience”.

Will the tiny bit of latency impact Qobuz, etc. streaming?  My assumption is probably not but I have no experience using a satellite for Internet access.   

Viasat shows 25mbps in my area as max.
Much slower than fibre, but should be good enough for streaming.
A quick Google showed streaming services are under 1 mbps- Though Quobuz might be higher if you use the highest resolution setting.
 I wouldn't try to do a lot of other things along with streaming, just to be safe.