any comments on the YS Audio Experience A2 or A2SE

Never heard of the Audio Experience and thinking of trying a pre at this time. Does anyone have this pre that they could compare to any other that is better known. This caught my eye as I do like the balanced in's & out's as I would be using.
Thanks for any comments you may have.
There are plenty of threads with members who own them giving their opinions and making comparisons. Look it up in the archives.
I have one of their more basic tube pres from about 6 years ago and love it. I got it for a good price as kind of a test because I had never heard tubes and it was a cheap way in. Loved it and still use it in a 2nd system. I t has added warmth to a colder SS power amp, does great things with the mid-range and voices, acoustic instruments especially strings. Soundstage expanded as did resolution and detail. Probably a little romantic but I think thats tubes. Sold me though on at least a tube pre in my systemt. Also thinking about upgrading to the 1st tier reference product.