Any comments on the YBA cd-1 blue laser

I am considering the YBA cd-1 blue laser player.Is anyone familiar with this unit??
I have not heard the 1, But I have heard the Cd-2 with the larger power supply and I love it. I know people have hyped other CD players and I don't think they have given this CD player it's due. All YBA equipment is very good, small, refined, doesn't get Hot. You can put any YBA equipment up against anything out there and it competes.
i have a cd1 with blue laser and full seperate power supply.I actually upgraded from a Rotel 971 and the difference was amazing.There is absolutely no harshness at at all...the only drawback is that it is picky about not playing some of the CDs i have....especially if it isnt perfectly flat...small sacrifice for such a great player.
I have the CD Integre, and I love it. YBA makes some terrific stuff, for whatever reason not as popular with 'philes than some of the other stuff out there. Don't hesitate, buy the YBA! Jeff