Any comments on the YBA 1 h/c amp

I am thinking of purchasing this amp.I am looking for comments from people who are familiar with YBA amps.
I have a friend who has the YBA 2h/c monos, YBA 2 preamp and YBA 3 CD player. I have spent considerable time listening to them. I have also listened to YBA's top of the line system approximately $180K I love the YBA sound. It's very smooth, detailed and musical. Most of all I find it makes you forget about the music and emotionally connects you to the music. It's a great line. I have also heard on a few occasions the YBA 1 h/c Monos and Stereo amps. It's a fantastic amp. My experience with YBA is that it sometimes does not integrate well with other components. It very much reminds me of NAIM in the fact that YBA sounds best with YBA. I would highly recommend auditioning the YBA 1 h/c in your system before purchasing it. It will either blow you away or not integrate. It's a very powerful amp. YBA systems create some of the nicest musical sound I have heard. Good Luck!!
This is an exceptional amplifier and I have had very good luck using it with a number of tube preamps and a pair of Spendor SP100s. I have sold YBA gear for a number of years and find the build quality and customer support to be at the top of the high end audio industry. The previous post on YBA products working best with YBA products (and this should certainly be the case with most manufacturers) is true though I have not found this particularly more prevalent with YBA. I use a pair of YBA2HCDT monos in my store and will always think of YBA first when recommending solid state electronics to my customers.