Any comments on the VSA VR 4 se?

This is supposed to be a really great allround speaker, but what do you think? Does it play modern synthesised music as well as classical and rock? Thank you for your comments.
To make sure we are talking about the same speaker:
I own the Von Schweikert Audio VR 4HSE III(that includes refinements over the regular 4 se.
Would you like feedback on these speakers?
Larry R. staples
Yes please...
Yes, I just purchased a pair a couple of month ago, and now that they have broken in, I can say with assurance that they
are the best match for my system so far... and I have tried many other fine contenders as well, like the Total Eclipses, Kharma 2.0's, Silverline Sonatina II's, Revel M20's, and more. The VR4 GenIII HSE is a real winner all around... powerful DEEP and accurate bass with plenty of speed and no "overhang", no colorations to the mids anywhere, and highs with lots of extension with no ringing or harshness. Imaging is very deep and wide with great dispersion. They are certainly not the most beautiful speaker I have had, but sonically, they are a real winner! Albert has addressed the problems I had with my old VR4.5's from many years ago, and made a first rate speaker at a very reasonable price. For once I have found a speaker that lives up to its advertising on to getting the rest of the system tweaked around them!
The VR4HSE is a magnificant design.
The gain system(rear tweet, read the manual) is very effective for 3d'ing the system.
The speaker can disappear really well. For sure use an amp with good bottom end control. As with all speaker that go deeply, a mushy sounding amp can be a disaster.
Plus you need rear room, behind the speakers to allow for both the rear tweet, as well as the omnipolar bass.
Mine are excellent, with dynamics of a horn, clarity exceeding an electrostatic, and imaging which seems lifelike.
You can not go wrong. Music is not about listening, it is about being inside and enjoying. These allow you to do this. Mind are only three to four months old and still breaking in, but now blooming very well. I say they outperform most speakers up to about 20K, and some above that. The bass is up about a db too loud for my taste, but you can adjust this by bringing more stuffing into the front port, from inside the cabinet according to the manual. How to do this with the cloth in place is not explained, but you can do it. Of course you may like the extra bass. I do most of the time. But on really bass heavy, and synth'd stuff it can become a little much.
I look forward to getting them into a larger room. My new listening room is two stories by 20x18. That will tell me even more.
Contact me by my email if you need more.
Larry R. Staples
Would this speaker work in a smaller room (say 14 x 25?)
Swamp, I would definately say YES....I've been running my VR-4 III HSE for the last 5 mos. in a 12x25 room, along the long wall. Other than a slight "room boom" issue, they sound fantastic!
1markr- thanks.
Anyone out there with them on the short wall? any comments on sound quality vs Vandersteen 3Asigs for acoustic jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, older R&R?