Any comments on the Sony XBR-X930D TV and the LG OLEDB6 TV?

I currently own the Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD Plasma 50" TV.  The color is beginning to fade so I am looking for a replacement.  I am considering either the Sony XBR-X930D TV or the LG OLEDB6 TV.

The LG OLEDB6 has received good reviews but the notes say there is detail clipping in bright areas and an occasional brief color noise.  I do not know how important these items are (probably not).  Best Buy strongly recommends the LG OLED B6 because of it high quality display that, he says, is similar to the Pioneer Plasma.

The Sony XBR-X930D has also received good reviews and the notes say there is some contest defined light "blocks" with high content DDR content and the Android TV interface is not very friendly. Again, I do no know how important this items are (??)

The TV will be used a monitor only since my sound comes from my TiVo Cable Box connected direct to my Ayre Integrated AX-7e amplifier to my Quad L2 speakers (mini monitors).   The LG cost is $2,499 and the Sony cost is $1,698.   The LG OLEDB6 Series display is very nice and so is the Sony’s.  OLED is relatively new technology and that is a concern.  I am using a Sony Blu-Ray player.

There is a big price difference between the two models that makes the Sony more attractive but I do not want to make a mistake. Sony is a well known brand and I do not know much about LG.  I do not know much about the reliability of either model but it is probably okay.

Does anyone have any comments on the Sony XBR or the LG OLED?  Or, does anyone have any recommendations for other models I should look at?

wait.  January CES  will reveal the next generation of Oled . Sony has abandoned Oled those they did preview were a small screen model.
I spoke with a Sony rep at a product viewing stating that Sony is still considering OLED for the consumer market. They have great professional monitors at a very high cost, but hey can't provide the quality they would like at the consumer level and meet a reasonable price point. 
But I think the Crystal Vision will be the next big thing from Sony, but when?
Thank you for your comments above.  I purchased the 55" LG OLED55B6 4K HDR Ultra HD TV based on its picture quality, physical size (very thin) and the apps available on the unit.  I compared it to the Sony and felt the LG OLED picture quality was better.  I also felt the LG OLED remote was easier to use.

I will connect my TiVo cable box to the TV using a HDMI cable and then will use an optical cable from the TV to my Prism Sound Callia DAC. The Callia DAC is connected to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier using balanced cables and it to my Quad 2L Speakers.  In addition, I am using RCA connections from my TiVo cable box to my Ayre AX-7e amplifier meaning I can listen with,  or without the DAC being used.  This means fewer buttons to push for my wife. I am hoping to receive the unit this week.

Since I am using HDMI cable to my Pioneer Elite Pro-1150HD Plasma 50" TV, the optical signal output connection DID NOT work.   I was told that the newer "smart TV's", the optical connections do work.  The is because the TV can be used as source (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc), or as a monitor meaning audio sound output is required.   The LG OLEDB6 TV has ONE digital optical audio output and NO analog audio outputs, or HDMI outputs.  For any TV purchase, please review your connection requirements to ensure you can make the required cable connections to your equipment.