Any comments on the new Rotel RSP-1069

And how does it compare to the older Rotel RSP-1098 in audio and video? And what other home theater processors are better for under $5,000?

I too am interested in the RSP-1069 ... I would like to get into HDMI switching as most all of my components have an HDMI output. The price is a bit steep for me and Rotel technology seems to be somewhat slow to develop but I am a sucker for the build quality. I thought I read that the HDMI spec on the 1069 would NOT support Blu-Ray, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master HD audio or anything in the future requiring the new 1.3 spec. I find that somewhat discouraging but I have also read it’s not that big a deal. If the processor has certain attributes it can deal with the new audio codecs and the older HDMI spec can do 1080p. I literally read one article – and then read a contradictory article, so I don’t know what to believe. To play it safe I am looking for a processor that will support 1.3. Can the Rotel processors be flashed to 1.3 OR is it hardware specific? Might be time to fire off an email to customer support …
I had a RSP-1068 then bought a RSP-1069. The auio is much better (open, airy and transparent) on the RSP-1069 given the new DSP TI chip and Bur Brown DACs but the RSP-1098 DACs are still better although somewhat older. The RSP-1098 is still superior soundwise to both based on my experience.

The RSP-1069 is a HDMI v1.1 spec and cannot be brought to the 1.3 spec unless harware is changed. This is why you see many manufactueres holding off or if they have a HDMI capability it is modular in design as hardware must be changed to move from one version to the latest version.

The higher end SSP use v1.2 or 1.2 with only one expensive unit I am aware of using the v1.3 spec. Classe, for example, on their SSP-600 doesn't even support HDMI as I suspect they among others are waiting for the HDMI technology to be sorted out if you will.

I moved up to a Anthem D1 Statement that retails for $5000 but I paid half for a used one and it far exceeds any of te Rotel units for sound and has quasi-balanced outputs where all the Rotel SSPs have RCA outputs. The D1 had much superior DACs and the DSP chip, imo. They make the new D2 which is the same as the D1 but with HDMI v1.2 but it retails for $7000.

Personally, I am fine with high quality component equipment and cables. I run them directly to the TV including the DVD player with only the digital audio running to the SSP.

My advice would be to find the best SSP you can within your budget limitations and not focus on HDMI for now. All OEMs will release new or upgraded units or modules (for those that ar ebuilt this way). The technology is still evolviing and component still producing a very fine picture even in 1080p.
It is MOSTLY 1068 + HDMI but there are additional upgades.