Any comments on the Immedia RPM-1 turntable

Looking for detailed critique on the Immedia RPM-2 TT. How it sounds compared to anything else.
No response? Nobody is the whole world has heard this thing?

Immedia RPM-1 Turntable
There are several postings on the vinyl asylum about the Immedia. I suggest doing a search over there and then contacting some of the inmates who own, or have heard, the Immedia. One hell of a rig, I gather!
I've had the RPM-2 w/tonearm for 4 years. It easily bested my previous leaned upon WTT. Sonically it's a "just the facts" type player. It's not warm and soft, hard and analytical, smooth and musical, or upfront and exciting. It has a tight, rhythmic presentation with a good sense of flow and control. It's compact in size, easy to setup, offers accessible tonearm adjustments and doesn't go off kilter. As a non-suspension design it requires a rigid, massive support surface (I use BDR Source). I highly recommend it.