Any comments on the DH Labs Silver Sonic Glass Master Toslink cable?

I am considering the DH Labs Silver Sonic Glass Master Toslink cable to replace my Wireworld Supernova 7 Glass Toslink cable.  My current Toslink cable goes from my LG OLED TV to my Simaudio 280D DAC and I am wondering if it is time for an improvement (if possible).   What are your comments and recommendations?

Are there other Toslink cables I should consider?   Thanks. 
@hgeifman I have used the DH Labs Silver Sonic Glass Master for a year or so. Added a second one, a few months ago, after inserting a W4S Remedy Reclocker between the TV and my DAC.

I haven’t compared it to the WW, but I can say that the Glass Master is an excellent performing high quality Toslink cable.
I would love to read a comparison of these two toslink cables. I use the Wireworld cable with my Sony 4K tv and with the LG OLED tv. If streaming via Ethernet connection, I am impressed with improvement using Perfect Path Technology Alpha Cards. Put one on the Router power supply(Wall Wart), one on the Router, and one where the Ethernet cable plugs into the TV. 
This is an easy and fun to do experiment. The Alpha Cards are sold with a full return policy so if you do not hear or see a difference return them for a refund.
David Pritchard
@builder3,  Thanks for the above info.  I installed the DH Labs Silver Sonic Glass Master Toslink cable and like it very much.   I noticed an improved sound quality immediately and it has improved over time.   Thanks again.  

Glad to hear it, hgeifman. I've only tried a tiny amount of gear that many here have, so I always hesitate about recommendations. That being said, I'm a fan of DH Labs, I think they put out a great product at a fair price.