Any comments on the Ayre AX-7e integrated amp vs the Hegel Röst integrated amp

I am using the Ayre AX-7e integrated amp and the Ayre Codex DAC in my two channel home theater system.  Our 2-channel home theatre system is very simple since we only have the one LG OLED TV, TiVo cable box and one integrated amplifier.  The LG OLED TV connects to my Codex DAC using an optical cable.  My speakers are the QUAD 12L Speaker.   The Codex DAC uses balanced cables to my Ayre AX-7e amp.

I am now considering the Hegel Röst integrated amp  ($3,000 including a DAC) to replace my 11+ year old Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier.  The new Ayre AX-8 integrated amplifier looks very interesting but $7,500 is too expensive for my home theatre system since my only source is the LG OLED 4K TV.
I heard the Hegel Röst integrated amp at the Los Angeles Audio Show with the expensive KEF speakers and it sounded terrific (I was very surprised).  All my friends also said the Hegel Röst amplifier sounds very good.  I was very impressed with the sound quality coming from the Hegel Röst integrated amplifier.

I hope to audition the Hegel Röst amplifier shortly and am asking if anyone has any comments on this amplifier.

Are there other similar solid state integrated amplifiers I should look at?  My budget is around the $3,000 level (or, maybe slightly higher). 

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The top of the line Hegel system with the KEF Blades 2 were fun to listen to. I listened to them for over an hour mostly by myself  on the first day of the LA Audio Show. The lady demonstrating the amps asked me if I wanted to hear the ROST with the Blades 2 but I declined since I would never use them with Blades. She did mention to me that KEF demos the LS50s with the ROST.

I have the LS50s and need a new amp for it so the ROST is something I am considering.
I am not sure if this will be any help but I recently did an in house comparison between the AX-7e and the Hegel 160. In my system the AX-7e with the Codex sounded much better with my Harbeth SHL5+ than the Hegel. I also tried using it with my Vandersteen VLR Wood's with the same result. I use an Aurender N100H to feed the Codex and all Audioquest cables. I would suggest you find a dealer and try the Hegel at home, in your system, before you pull the trigger on this.

I found the Hegel to sound clean and clear but not very musical. The Ayre combination sounds more like music to me. YMMV and this is only my opinion. I really wanted to like the Hegel as a one-box solution, but I could never warm up to it. It may be that the Röst has a more musical sound than the H160 so again; I would try it in your system. Good Luck!

I also have the Hegel H160.  I really like the one-box solution.  But I agree that is it not quite as musical to me as I'd like.  Perhaps I need to allow the DAC to break in more as I had been using an external DAC until recently.

I've never had an Ayre product.  The AX-8 does look interesting.  But I also am not sure I want to spend that much.
I have read In reviews that the ROST is the best integrated from Hegel under the H360 integrated.