Any Comments on Nordost Speakers Cables??

Hi all the expert out there. Do you guys come across the Nordost "Red Dawn" And "Blue Heaven" speakers cables bi-wire combo? Any positive or negative comments?
I think the red dawn (2nd version) is a nice cable for the $$. Your mileage will vary with the equipment you use.
hi, Ugin. I owned original red dawn speaker cable and interconnect. I found them very system dependent[what isn't]. In my system SS with newform ribbons they were too ultra detailed, zippy, lacking full timbre, with too much leading edge on notes...I went to acoustic zen satori and matrix,,much, much more musical[in my system]. If you have tubes, RD might be the ticket but you really have to try them...everyone has preferences, they were not my cup of tea. Cheers of the season, Bluenose
From what I have heard, the Red Dawn II is very close to the performance of the more expensive SPM. I agree that for my application, Nordost gave more zip (or quickness) to a so called "mellow system" [BBC monitors driven by tube gear]!