Any Comments On Musical Fidelity KW Monoblock Amps

I would like to get any feedback information on the $24,000 Musical Fidelity KW Monoblock amps. They are a 3 chassis design with the 2 amps in 2 chassis and a 3rd chassis as a shared power supply. Only 75 were made and I'm wondering how "good" they are.
I understand the MF KW amps are 1000 wpc amps. Other than that, I'm not sure a Musical Fidelity amp can be worth $24,000 or $28,000. They did a price change after introduction from $24K to $28K. That's a lot of grren and I would look to the VTL Siegfried Reference Monoblocks for something decent.
Another MF basher who hasn't even heard the amp in question?
Tlday - Not really. I own and love MF products. If you own the KW's, I would love to hear your comments. I'm curious why, if only 75 were made, they still have "new-in-box" available for sale, and have not sold all their production of only 75 units?
i am considering a pair of the KW Mono..too.., wondering any user can share..?