Any Comments On Morch DP6 Tonearm ?

I'd love to buy the Graham tonearm, but it's rather pricey. The Morch DP6 sells for about half the price of the Graham. Does anyone have any experience with it ? I used to have Formula 4 way back when, and was never sure about the azimuth (the arm was all over the place). The Morch looks somewhat the same, so is a concern.
I have the DP6 on my Mrrill Heirloo, and have been very happy with it for the past 4 years. One interesting possibility are having multiple tonearms (you can select the appropriate arm for your setup, but you can always buy another), so you can easliy switch cartridges. I did not install it, but regular cartridge set up is a breeze. The sound is great in all respects, but I haven't compared it to other arms on my turntable. George Merrill highly recommends the Morch arms for his Merrill turntables and his modified AR's.
I use the Morch on a Linn LP12 (W/Lingo) and like better than EKOS or Rega RB600. Go to in charge Hart extremely helpful.