Any Comments on Mola-Mola audio electronics

The Mola-Mola preamplifier, Mola-Mola dual mono block power amplifier and the Vivid GLYA G3 sounded very good to my ears in the On A Higher Note Room at THE Show in Newport Beach. Yes, I know it was an expensive setup but it did sound very good.

I enjoyed talking to Bruno (Mola-Mola Designer) and hearing him describe his units and his new technology. I asked him about a Mola-Mola integrated amplifier and he said maybe in one more year. I do not know if it makes sense to exchange my wonderful Luxman L-590ax for a Mola-Mola integrated so I will have to give it a listen. Of course, as expected, Bruno said his new integrated would be an exceptional piece. He said it would be very similar to his dual mono block amplifiers but with less power.

Any comments on the music coming from the On A Higher Note room?

Has any one either purchased Mola-Mola electronics or listened to Mola-Mola system at a retailer?
Hi Hgeifman, as far as I know, the Mola-Mola monos may be released only this month (June).... So it is not too likely that anyone has been able to audition well-broken-in production-level Mola-Molas at a dealer yet.

Has Bruno Putzeys revealed anything about the Mola-Mola's internals.... For example, is he using completely stock Ncore NC1200 modules, or has he developed a customized version for his own end-user products... Any information at all about how the Mola-Mola internal design may differ from other Ncore NC1200 implementations like Veritas from Merrill Audio and the ATSAH from Acoustic Imagery?

Regards, Guido
Guido : I have no information on how the Mola-Mola internal design may differ from other Ncore NC1200 implementations. It is a good question to ask.
I believe that Merrill Veritas were also being showed in Newport... Perhaps in the Sanders room... Have you had the opportunity of hearing them as well.... How would you characterize audible differences... Or is it impossible to say, given the different ancillary equipment?

Guido, the Merrill Veritas was in the Channel D(Pure Music)/Joseph Audio/Linx room.