Any comments on Jeff Rowland Design Model 9

This is my current set-up: wadia Cd + JRDG Coherence + JRDG Model 8Ti + MIT Oracle + Avalon Radian HC.

I am thinking of changing my JRDG Model 8Ti to the relatively old JRDG Model 9. I gathered that the Radian needs a powerful amp and I think the 8Ti may not be up to the job. On the other hand, I am worried that the model 9 could be a bit "slow". Your advise and comments would be very much appreciated.

Also, does anybody has an idea on the current market of the mdoel 9?

I agree with Tacs. How can you say the Rowland doesn't have enough power. This amp is massive. It weighs 130 pounds. There is no way in history that amp is underpowering the Avalon.
Suggest you consider the new Parasound JC-1 mono blocks. Lots of threads on this site and audio asylum. Good luck.
Although i might be new in this site, i have had the 9's for almost ten years, i remember that i was forced to make the choice between the 8 and a pair of 9's: after two weeks of close listening to both, it came apparent to me and to a group of experienced listeners that the 9's sound indeed had a faster " pace", a wider soundstage, and a heavier bass than the Model 8. If i could, i would go for the 9 Ti, but times have changed, i would happily trade my nines for an 8, just because of the money, keeping in mind that i would still keep the Rowland glorious sound in my system. One last thing: if you don't have a matching Rowland Preamplifier, you are wasting more than half of the experience!... and that's final.
I spoke Rowland a couple days ago and he says that model 9 can be upgraded to 9T, however, 9 or 9T cannot be upgraded to the 9Ti - vastly different circuitry.
what is the sound diff. from the 9T to 9TI?