any comments on demagnitizing cds ?

i have a furutech demagnetizer, model rd2. i saw one selling on audiogon recently and it reminded me that is gathering dust on the shelf.

i used it a few times and found that cds which i found annoying to my ears sounded more annoying after an application with the rd2.

when i used it with other cds, i heard less noise, but the result was too much detail.

does anyone have favorable results demagnetizing cds ?
On the one side; I'm attracted to it, on the other side; I'm opposed to it.
All I can tell you is I used to utilize a Bedini Clarifier,and liked what it did.I now have the Furutech ,and I feel it's better yet.I use it before each disc I play.Always improves resolution top to bottom while giving a smoother presentation without any negative drawbacks.When playing it for others who are in the dark about the device,all seem to hear the same improvments.
Pretty funny, Mr t.
I own the Furutech RD2 and have only found it to be positive in my system. I sometimes get lazy and neglect it, but it always lowers the noise floor resulting in a smoother, more detailed presentation. I find it better when I do both sides of the disc, but oftentimes demag only one. I use a Marigo Mat and would have to go through four cycles to be always use it when friends are present!
Mr. T I don't know where you've been before joining us recently, but you are now the busiest man on Audiogon. Keep 'em coming, it's fun. I just wish Slappy was still around to chime in.
I've tried the Furutech and hear very SMALL improvements, sometimes I hear nada. Ont the other hand I now use a Nespa Pro light machine and hear HUGE... improvements.
Leec, I would agree generally. I have reduced my treatments with the Furutech to once on either side and hear no improvements after that. The Nespa, cleaning originals, and duplicating them have all given greater improvements. I also use my AudioDesk trimmer only on sacds along with cleaning and the Nespa.
And plastic is demagnetized how?
Plus the ones and zeros layer is either aluminum or gold of which neither are magnetic.
"...aluminum or gold of which neither are magnetic."

Just because people call it a demagnetizer does not mean it is used as such, or that is what it is doing. Consider a transformer - the copper (not magnetic) wires are certainly effected by the magnetic field. Or look up inductive heating. Or best because it is so cool to watch: get a copper pipe and a strong disc magnet that just fits inside the pipe, drop the magnet through the pipe. Need an explanation, google eddy currents.

I am a RD-2 owner for two years. In my highly revealing system, the improvement with every disc - better and more bass, better soundstaging, less harsh sound, better defined voices - is often so startingly that a high end-loving friend of mine, who regularly comes over to listen to my system, asked me if I had switched to another, much better DAC, when I took out a disc I had just played, treated it with the Furutech (without him noticing), and played it again.
Why does it work? Because CDs are not made of plastic alone, but contain parts of metal. Anyone interested in how and why it works may take a look at US patent 6058078 of May 2, 2000.
by the way, i think i'll take advantage of all this positive talk about demagnetizing.

i will offer my rd 2 for sale for less than the 2 currently for sale are going for.

i'll sell mine for $220.

just send me an email if you are interested:
Mrtennis: You blasted Robert of Ridge Street Audio for trying to sell his product through the forum and here you are doing the same thing. If you want to sell something you should do what the rest of us do and by an ad.

I really have no idea why people respond to your moronic posts. Given your stated preferences, you have no credibility where sonics and judging audio equipment are concerned. People in the pursuit of magical and accurate sound can learn nothing from you, and obviously you're not interested in learning anything from the rest of us.

For Audiogoners who may have missed it, here's a highly amusing (and telling) post from Mrtennis:

i like a dull, veiled, laid,back, boring sound capable of putting me to sleep. i hate treble and i don't like detail. i like subtractive coloration to such an extent that all recordings sound the same. you can talk about detail, neutrality all day long. if you don't tap your foot, it doesn't matter. i want to relax, not bothered by detail or dynamics. veil the sound and cut off the highs. darkness and dullsville is my motto, by choice. thick caramel syrup makes me happy.
Mrtennis  (Threads | Answers)

Go figure.
ok 9rw. i criticised a mnaufacturer for seliing. there is a difference between a manufacturer and a consumer.

did you wake up this morning and take a bitter pill ?

do you have such a fragile ego that anyone who implicitly questions your idea of good sound can't have a cilvil discussion ?

for the last time, its all a matter of opinion. there is no such thing as good sound or bad sound. it is what people like.

i suggest you enjoy your stereo system and not get so exercised about someone else's opinion which doesn't agree with yours.
05-07-06: Mrtennis
ok 9rw. i criticised a mnaufacturer for seliing. there is a difference
between a manufacturer and a consumer.
Actually, 9rw is correct on his point about selling in the
forums. Audiogon rules do not distinguish between dealers,
manufacturers or consumers.

From the Audiogon Moderation Guidelines:
What we will decline:
We hope to decline very few submissions, but we refuse to post
statements that take away from the usefulness of these forums. Here are
some examples of the types of posts that will be rejected most of the

Posts that are obviously trying to sell something.
In this post, you were obviously trying to sell something, Mrtennis:
05-07-06: Mrtennis
by the way, i think i'll take advantage of all this positive talk about

i will offer my rd 2 for sale for less than the 2 currently for sale are going

i'll sell mine for $220.

just send me an email if you are interested:

It would be appropriate to pay $6 for an ad like the rest of us who are
selling gear.
Good sound vs. bad sound may be a matter of opinion, Mrtennis, but accuracy certainly is not. Your April 10 post tells us what you like, and for most members of Audiogon your ideal system would be a nightmare.

While Robert of Ridge Street Audio was merely being enthusiastic about his product, you were posting an advertisement in a forum. That just isn't right.
youare right in one respect. i offered an item for sale which is not allowed. i got carried away and was wrong. for that i apologize. regarding robert, he tried to market his products and attempted to sell. i guess we are both wrong.

now to more important matters.

as you say, accuracy is accuracy. however, ther is no way to ascertain the accuracy of a stereo system. there would be dsagreement among serious listeners as to the presence and absence of coloration in a stereo system.

evaluations could not be corroborated by proof. you cannot prove that which is the result of experience. accuarcy is definitely a result of the experience of listening.

you and others may prefer an accurate sounding stereo system, however you arrive at such an evaluation. however an accurate sounding stereo system is neither better or worse than an inaccurate one.

what i may prefer, a very subtractively colored sounding stereo system, is obviously not a desirable state for most people, but, if you remember, the statement "one man's meat is another man's poison", taste is taste.

i will respect your enjoyment of anaccurate sounding stereo system and hopefully, you will respect my enjoyment of an inaccurate sounding one. it is not personal, nor should it be viewd that way. i presume people can be friends even if their tastes are polar opposites, which, it seems is the case here.

we are human beings first, and secondarily and less important, we have our hobbies. hopefully, we are not our hobbies, otherwise, i wave my magic wand and... poof your
stereo system disappears.
The definition of "demagnetization"... To reduce or remove magnetism or magnetic properties... sic go back to my original question

In a transformer what is the "non-magnetic copper" (no sh*# Sherlock) wound around? Turn off the electricity and what have you got...
Inductive heating... and this is relative to demagnetization in what way?
None of the allegories are germane to the subject.
Or is it being implied that this "demagnetizer" is subjecting the CD to an induction field? And after "demagnetization" occurs the physical properties of the CD have been altered?
A quick test... when injection molding polycarbonate the molecules align in a manner where stress is molded into the part. Look at an injection molded clear polycarbonate part through a polarizing filter. (polarized sunglasses in good light will sorta work) Where discoloration (rainbow of color) is seen that's molded in stress.
Will this demagnetizer "stress relieve" the CD?

The only thing this so called "demagnetizer" could do is remove static electricity.
Okay, Hbarrel, call it what you want, just don't dismiss the benefits if you have not tried them. You can take a bulk tape eraser to a cd which I have done. It is not as good as what the Furutech does, but no one in my experience fails to hear the difference.