Any Colin Hay Fans?

I saw Colin in concert here in DC in an extremely small venue not too long ago. His performance was absolutely indredible. The entire audience was dead silent in pure amazement of the performance.

His voice and his acoustic guitar just made music that was enjoyable and full. I have recently been picking up his Solo albums and there is some great stuff on them. Just thought I would share..
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Thanks for that notice Kid. I was astounded that to find one of the cuts I like most off the great soundtrack from Garden State, was Colin Hay. As you said, singing only with acoustic guitar. Lovely song (I just don't think I'll ever get over you). I'll look for his solo albums. The sound is a world away from Men at Work.

I saw Colin twice here in Atlanta. Once with a huge band and once solo acoustic. He was amazing both times. Less than 100 people were at both shows, total.

Stuff like this really makes me hate Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson...

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
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