Any Coda owners out there?

I have seen some nice-looking gear on the web by Coda. Formerly Threshold designers apparently. Can anyone comment on the sound and quality of Coda products? also have to wonder about the viability of the company, as it has very few dealers.
Can't coment on the sound the only place on the web i've seen any Coda is through Legacy-audio.
I am very familiar with Coda. They are under new ownership.You can e-mail a fella by the name of Steve who is V.P. of Coda. E-mail adress is I own a Coda 2.5 power amp which is a fabulous 25watt pure class A solid state. It is warm and sweet at the same time. Nothing harsh about this unit. The pre-amps are a perfect match for the 2.5's. I could go on and on but e-mail me with more specifics about your system.