Any clear winners: small speakers/small room....

Contemplating NHT super zero, PSB image 2, B&W LM-1, Polk RTi 38, Paradigm titan, etc...
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By small, I am taking you to mean small bookshelf models (14in X 10in X 10in at most).

I have used a lot of small speakers in small rooms over the last few years. Most cost a few hundred bucks (which is why I experiment so much), with three being more expensive. Realize upfront that speaker placement will be a big determinant on how good any of these speakers will sound as in my experience smaller speakers can be fussy. Also, don't go too cheap on the cables (speakers and equipment) as I found in two instances that that can be a noticeable determinant as well (really couldn't believe it either).

Clear winner: Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1 ($850)

Worked out very well (in order of preference):

Rega Aras, NHT SB2, Omega 3I, Wharfedale Diamond 10, Energy RC10 (all cost about $300 - $400 or so)

Did not work out:

AR 15, Spendor SA1 ($2100), Totem Mites($800), B&W 302 (the pits)

You don't mention any sonic traits you're looking for, but a good all-arounder I've heard is the Silverline Minuet. Good disappearing act and excellent imaging, and I thought the bass to be better than what I've read in reviews and probably fine for a small room. I'd also second the Ascend Acoustics mentioned above as worthy of an audition. Best of luck.
Also add KEF q-1...Im a soundstage a small speaker that sounds big is my preference...
If that is the case, then I would look at the Ascend Acoustics Sierras or the Omega Loudspeakers 3T (single driver).

Rest of your equipment?

Clearly a subjective topic. Unlike Rich, I find the Spendor SA1 to be a very good speaker in a small room. Also like the B&W 302, go figure.
There are dozens of discussions about small speakers in small rooms. Do a search.
I have tried many in my 12 X 10 room.
There are many that work well, many don't.
The best for me are Audio Note ANK, they like tubes though. Others in no order
Linn Tukans or Katans
Harbeth HLP 2 or 3
Proac Tablettes
Merlin TSM
Kudos Cardea C10
Joseph Audio
The list goes on...and on
All it takes is time and money :)
Gonna try NHT...and delegate these to surround use down the road if results are not optimal...