Any Chinese audiophiles?

I'm trying to purchase a CD from a Taiwan website but it's in Chinese and I can't understand it.
Ha Ha!! I'm trying to buy an LP from Japan too!!!
I know one, but he doesn't speak Chinese. I have a few friends who do, but they are neither Chinese nor involved in this hobby (so never mind:-).
My best friend will be glad help you. Email me privately.

Hi Jls3, I can speak and read Chinese. Let me know how I can help out. Marakanetz, if you are trying to purchase a LP via Japanese website, I might be able to help you as well. Again, please fill me in on the details.

it seems like eveytime I meet or sell gear, the buyer is always 90% of the time.....good luck, I am Chinese but of the ABC variety....
Do you have a link?
Yah whats the link. Just so happens... i am chinese.. of the chinese variety.
I'm from Taipei. What CD? Maybe I have already had it. I can buy it in a month.
well, I am in Taiwan now, I can help if you need.
pl e mail me.

Please go to to see the two CD's that I am trying to buy. Let me know if you can help, I will pay you for your time.
Thank you
037-602009 0930464381 is the CD's publisher's phone #. You just have to ask the operator for the international dialing # for Taiwan. If you prefer to fax, 037-602235 is the number. I myself am not sure how the phone #s work there. I've not lived in Taiwan for 20 yrs.

The city where the office is located at is called Xing-Zu. It is a major city in Taiwan, but I think majority of the people there speak Taiwanese. If the office was in Taipei, most people are adequately bilingual with English. So, good luck.

Artist's name-Ah Tao

The CD's name...

#1-phoenetically- Lee Kai Tai Wan Ren Bai Mi Ah Tao Deh Ger.
Translated-Leaving Taiwan People's "Bai Mi Ah Tao"'s Song.

#2-Xia Ker Leh, Ah Tao Ho Hai Zi Der Ger
School's Over. "Ah Tao"'s Songs with Children.

I hope this helps.

I have sent out the cds you requested,and hope you like it.
This independent music agent does not sell cd overseas, but
they are quite nice to deal with.
BTW, they produced very good recording folklore cds, I am
very very impressed when it played thru my beloved Virgo
speakers. Only music and soul flow , speakers totally disappear!!
Dude..becareful, cause a lot of Chinese cd recording sucks..some are way too just kill ur ear...anyone have any good chinese mandarin cd, nice recording warm, natural, smooth sound...thanks