any cdr's that will play on Audio aero prima?

I just tried to play a cdr on my prima and it wouldn't play it. Has anyone found any that work?
I have not had any problems at all. I use mostly Imation, Fuji and Sony CDRW's.If you are using a computer for this, make sure it is finalized right. Check to see if the disks work in other players. Other than that, you should not have any problems.
I used the imatations also. I put them directly into the prima from the cd burner and they didn't work. I then copied and finalized them on my cd to cd burner. They played fine. I guess the problem is in my computer finalizing step. Quality is only average though....
I have had no problems playing CDRs on my Prima, computer burned CDRs always seem to have more problems playing than the burns done on dedicated CDR machines