Any cassette sources left with decent selection?

My primary love is vinyl, but, thanks to lots of system tweaking, Tara interconnects etc., I'm actually getting close to high-end sound from my cassette deck. The good news -- cassettes are 99 cents at Goodwill. The bad news -- the selection is poor, and condition variable. Amazon and the like only offer CD's. Where's a guy to forage for cheap cassettes these days, especially jazz or classical? Like, ECM used to turn out a highly durable CrO2 series, and so did London. --Tom
spinwax has cassettes, I believe. Although the selection isn't too compelling. The Coconuts Music stores near me have a decent selection of cassettes, esp Jazz (at least my store does), but the prices are a little high, although nowhere near as high as the CDs. They really discount the classical CD/tapes, though. (Since they can't move that product like those $18 Pop music Cds.) :-/

Also most K-marts tend to have fair cassette selection. YMMV.
BMG Classical Music Club still offers Cassettes. Buy 12 for the price of 1, no obligation for more to join. Shipping will be high ($2.50 each). First rate performances; the same as the CDs.
Not heard of Coconuts -- Aroc? What region are you in? K-marts... hmmm. I haven't checked there lately. They usually charge full pop for cassettes.

Hadn't thought of BMG. Thanks, Sugarbrie. I've seen some of their flyers in the mail, but maybe their online catalog has better pickings. Usually the stuff in the mailer you get to pick from seems like leftovers that weren't moving.