Any Can fans out there?

I am just trying to find anybody who appreciates Can among fellow Audiogoners.I feel all alone,all my buddies just run away when they hear it.
I love Future Days. Ater enjoying it for several years, I purchased Anthology, but didn't care as much for the other material on it.

I often use Future Days for system evaluation because it has a seemingly endless amount of detail on it. It's very apparent when a component lets more of that detail through.
sorry..i thought you meant headphones.....:-/
Lol, this brings back memories. When I was in college at the University of Texas in the 90's, I worked at Pronto Food Mart (basically a unique gas station that had an incredible import and domestic beer selection) in the quaint neighborhood of Hyde Park just on the north side of campus. There was a group of UT students who were all roomates and also worked part time at Pronto, and they all loved to play Can on the store's stereo system. I grew to like other bands that they introduced me to (like Ween), but I never could become a fan of Can. Can was ahead of their time, for sure. Good times.
I've had "Future Days" since 75 and it's still in play. I picked up "Tango Mago" last year, and it's very interesting. A little more "out there" than Future days.
I have Future Days on SACD. Classic along with Soon over Babalunma, Can and Flow Motion.
Count me in. The only bands that sound remotely like them got that way from listening to Can records. Soundtracks through Soon Over Babaluma are my favorites (Rite Time is incredible too and may be the best recorded Can disc). If you haven't heard Holger Czukay, On The Way To The Peak Of Normal or Movies, put em' on your short list
Hi I am a "big Can fan". Just great music, well recorded and interesting changes in style and experimentation. Another example of what great rock is all about. Also the later solo LPs and collaborations are very good. I especially like Holger Czukay solo works. Inner space, outer space...its all space.

When I saw mushroom head then I knew I was dead....

I still listen to Future Days & Ege Bamyasi occasionally, good stuff.
Oh yeah! Definately good music.
YES! I have almost all of their LPs on German vinyl. I like Future Days, Tago Mago and Soon Over Babaluma as favorites. Monster Movie is cool too. Their music clears my head when I need to break out of the routine.
I like Tago Mago and Future Days

pretty progressive stuff for being made so long ago...
I thought this was a question about J-Lo



Hi Nrachy, No its about the German progressive, experimental, space, world, avant-guarde, improvisational, ambient, electronic rock band. Not a one dimensional being, well at least in a metaphysical sense. Have you heard them? Very good recordings and interesting music. Highly recommended.
I especially love Future Days and Ege Bamyasi. Of the similar genre of Kraut Rock, I also like Amon Duul, Faust, Manuel Gottsching, Neu and of course Kraftwerk.
After all Can albums the next thing that tops my charts is Eno/Cluster "After the Heat" lp from 1978.I have it on German vinyl (Sky Records)
Can - let's get cool in ze pool

Can, Neu, Eno era Bowie, Cluster
brings back memories

current stuff similar
Tortoise, Air, others
Recently picked up Holger Czukay's CD 'MOVIES'. Great Stuff!

I Grew up in Philly listening to John Diliberto and Gino Wong playing some wonderfully progressive programing on WXPN's 'Diaspar'. CAN, Holger Czukay, Stockhausen, Plank.

Can you imaging turning on the radio today and hearing that!
On WFMU they still play it day in and day out.Great station in NJ.

Does WFMU stream?
Oh yeah and they have huge audio archives posted too.Just google them.