Any Camelot Arthur Owners out there?

I recently switched from an Audio Alchemy setup to a Camelot Arthur 3.0. I'm wondering if I can get some opinions on jitter filters. I'd like to use one that will accept incoming digital from my DVD player, so Audio Alchemy DTIs don't work, or so I believe. Can you folks suggest an appropriate jitter buster?


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I would check with Camelot first, to see if your Arthur 3.0 will pass a AC3/DTS data stream. I don't think it will.

If it CAN pass AC3/DTS, Monarchy Audio makes a outboard box that will dejitter red book (16/44) and also pass AC3/DTS and 24/96 signals.

Don't let the low retail price ($249) fool you, they use premium tephlon dielectic's in their RCA's, also employ a good quality transformer to buffer the input signal from the output signal, instead of a less expensive and nosier capacitor, and boost the output signal to 5 volts.

Earlier DIP's did not have the ability to PASS AC3/DTS bitstream. Also notice I said "PASS" not "DEJITTER" AC3/DTS. It will dejitter all red book (16/44)

The DIP's can be picked up here on A/Gon ( THE WORLDS BEST A/V EQUIPMENT SHOPPING SITE) very reasonably.

HTH Dave

I'm not concerned about the ability to pass multichannel signals to the Arthur - this is strictly for 2 channel playback. My DVD player downsamples to 48khz at the digital out if I set it to do so, and the Arthur will process it. So perhaps a DIP will work, provided it will not have the issues they used to have with not locking on to a signal for the first few seconds of a song.
I don't think it's a issue of downsampling to 48hz, but the difference in the way red book PCM code and AC3/DTS compressed formats code are decoded.

I would definately check with Mel or Howard to see if your Arthur 3.0 can accept the AC3/DTS compressed formates and processes them.


Let me ask this - I am primarily using the DAC for playback of music DVDs, Diana Krall, Nora Jones, Sting, etc. I don't buy any DTS DVDs. I'm running all of this in to a SF Line 1 SE and Threshold amp. Strictly 2 Channel. I've watched numerous movies in 2 channel using the DAC with no problem. But what is AC3? Isn't that an LD format?

Thanks again!
I just spoke to Mel at Camelot and he said unless your 3.0 has the 24/192 Anagram upgrade it will not play the AC3 dolby digital or DTS tracks, but is instead playing the 2 channel PCM tracks off the DVD's.

AC3 and DTS are 5.1 surround modes.

Give Mel a call ASAP, I just spoke to him at 10:45 he can explain it much better than I.

His # 213-357-8356 extension 4. The phone number on A/gon web site is Camelot's Fax number. Use the number I listed here