Any Cambridge users on Tidal? Differences in Tidal levels?

I've got a Cambridge CXN (V2) now driving a Benchmark DAC 3 b as part of a vintage but high resolution system.  Sony XA 5400 ES is also part of the system driving the DAC.  It's really amazing to me how good well recorded stuff sounds and how screechy awful some 20 year old rock CDs sound.  Equally amazing is how good some streaming channels are and how awful others can be.  I guess it's time for me to subscribe to Tidal as Cambridge supports that service.  Can anyone give me some feedback on Tidal quality at different subscription levels and ease of use with the Cambridge app?  Thanks in advance.
$4 for 4 months. What's not to try?

I'm going to I just want some feedback from users with a Cambridge who have to interface Tidal with the Cambridge Connect phone app and some input on the different quality levels into real audio gear, not a phone or tablet speaker....  
I got a bud who has a modded CXN  and loves Tidal , but is using Roon. Silly not to try it for free. 

I got a CXN V2 and subscribed to Tidal HiFi. I am a Mac guy and got an iPhone SE (1. Gen), iPad (6th Gen) as well as a MacBook  (late 2011). I got experience with the Stream Magic App (iOS) as well as Tidal App (iOS and Mac).

Tidal App via Chromecast (iOS / desktop):
+ Tidal displays suggestions
+ better search
+ easier configuration of playlists
- does not play gapless
- sound quality is satisfactory

Stream Magic App
+ plays gapless
+ seems to buffer some min of music
+ sound quality seems to be 'sharper'
- search function is 'clumsy'
- interface is not as straightforward as the Tidal iOs App

Soundquality: the audible difference between Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi is obvious, and there are more subtile differences between Tidal Premium and HiFi - especially in classical music. We opted for HiFi and usually stream HiFi-quality (16bit / 44.1kHz) as the CXN does not support MQA.

As Always: it depends on your setup, your amp and (least but not last)  your speakers. I would give Tidal HiFi a try, to hear if it sounds better.   

By the way: most of the time I use Tidal via Roon, as we have a huge amount of obscure classes music; I personally think that improves the quality further.
I like Tidal through the Cambridge app. It's not the most intuitive, but very easy once you know the quirks. But I cannot wait for the Tidal Connect integration with the CXN to go live. That should make use about as simple as it can get. 
OP Here...   are you guys using Tidal on the Cambridge via wi-fi or ethernet?  Anyone tried both?  Results?
I use wifi. Minimal issues especially with the last few firmware updates.  
Having said that, if I had an ethernet line in the room I would likely use that. 
Thanks all for the help.  I find the Cambridge machine a bit cranky on start up to connect to my internet address.  Sometimes it takes a couple tries to lock which is kind of a PIA as the full system is now on a power conditioner so one on/off switch does it all.  The cable company is under contract and supplies the router and a TIVO to every apartment and while the router does not have an Ethernet connection (75 ohm coax to the TIVO)  in the back the TIVO does.  It would be about 30 - 35 feet and through a wall to get from one to the other but I've wired surround speakers through a wall before to hide cables so that's not all that big a deal and I'm considering it.  I think it would be a better data connection for higher rez radio stations and Tidal hi-fi anyway and Ethernet cable is not very expensive.  ..   Any opinions greatly appreciated.
Cable, you definitely want to use a Ethernet cable if available. 
We are living in a flat in the city centre (120 years old): there are 590 WiFi’s around us interfering with each other. There just has to come a friend with an old iPhone, join your wifi and the transmission rates drop down; and a zoom conference in the attic and a Tidal don’t mix well on one WiFi network. It’s not so much about bandwidth but stability (and peaks). My husband and I hard wired the whole place ...
Thanks for that Joern4 My Cambridge sees about 20 wifi names or so. I’m waiting for a Technical Support person on the phone with our cable company to find out if I can use the Ethernet connection on the back of the TIVO to network from even though it’s a room away. Now on hold for 46 minutes waiting for someone.
OP here.. as a followup I am going to hard wire the Cambridge as my next project. I have some Ethernet coming from Amazon (probably Chinese) Cat 7 flat and some coming from Blue jeans which I believe is Belden and Cat 6a. Both with capabilities far beyond anything that is going to be around for transmission this year. FWIW, Ookla speed test via wifi to my computer in the same room as the Cambridge was 201 down and 21.5 up. I expect both cables in next week.  Want to get that done and finish burning in new power cords and conditioner and such before I sign up for Tidal..   want to get get evrything else out of the way.
OP here again to finish off the thread.  Streaming Tidal now via wifi as they had a $4 for 4 months offer I took.  Ethernet for hard wire on the way in as the Cambridge sees about 30 local routers.  My CD collection is mostly old, 20+ years and everything I stream on Tidal is better sounding than the old CDs.  System is also up on a Niagara 3000 now as well.