Any CAL experts out there.

Anyone out there know how to accurately determine the age of a delta transport from the serial number? How long was the run?

How about the logo. I notice some have the delta logo while others do not. Are "logo" models earlier or later?

I now there's an audiogoner or two out there with the word.



I have two Delta units. One has no Delta logo and a serial number in the six hundreds. The other has the logo and a serial number in the twenty three hundreds. Also, the ealiest production Deltas were labeled Delta HD-CD Transport in front (as is the older of my two units). It does not have anything to do with "real" HDCD technology, which came onto the scene later. When HDCD technology started coming onto the market, CAL removed the "HD" part of the tag and started to call them simply Delta CD Tranports to avoid confusion. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the word.

I was looking at one with a logo that I'm guessing was manufactured about 1998.

You must really like them if you have two. Are you using the DAC as well? I already have a sigma I use for digital Apple Lossless Files and it sounds great.

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Jakgooze, for more definitive info, try contacting these guys with your question about dating your Delta, they work on CAL equipment:

In answer to your query about the CAL DAC: yes, I like CAL stuff quite a bit, but sadly it's getting old. There's a CAL Alpha DAC in my main system and I'm using it periodically with a new Rega Apollo as the transport. The Alpha is a great DAC and the Apollo is an excellent transport that also sounds really, really good all on its own (but is a little bit laid back in my system compared to when it is used in conjunction with the Alpha). The Delta that used to be in that system has been shunted off to storage. I'm also using a Sigma II on my DVD player, and have a Delta/Sigma II combo in my bedroom system. Yet bit by bit (pun intended), it seems my CAL gear is destined to die off due to use and age. Darn. I've got to try using one of the Sigmas with my PC and Apple lossless one of these days.

Are you about to buy a Delta, or do you already have one? They are really built like tanks, aren't they?
Jakgooze, I realize this may not be responsive to your inquiry, but I just wanted to echo Zinfan2. I have an early, but updated Delta hooked up to an Alpha, and a Sigma II for back up. Got a new CDP and out of the box it was bright, edgy, and dry thru the mid range. I hooked its digital out to the Sigma II and I was simply amazed at the difference a transport can make. Great increase in dynamics, bass response, while still maintaining the mid-range and high frequency musicallity of the CAL. Prior to this I mainly used my CAL stuff for vocals and small jazz groups, now its easy to use for anything, and in fact in many ways its preferable to some of my other digital stuff.

The moral of this is, don't fret about the loss of the Delta, assuming my and Zinfan2's experience is universal.
Hi newbee, just curious in what you mean by hooking up the digital out from the Delta to the Sigma II? Are you referring to 75ohm cable, or? Thanks, Mark
The digital out I referred to was the new CDP's. Sorry for the confusion. Most CDP's have a digital out where you can use its transport section to drive a different DAC. Typically they use a 75ohm cable, sometimes with a different connector.