Any cable suggestions for my Thiel 2.4's?

I'm looking for the best IC,power cables and speaker cables for my Thiel 2.4's. Can aynbody give me their suggestions?
Well that could be anything based on the rest of your system, room, and personal preference, I prefer Alpha Core Goertz MI 2 speaker cables with my Thiel 3.6. For IC's I use MIT reference and stock PC's.
I'll second the Alpha-Core Goertz. Alpha-Core uses Thiels, when the Thiel folks let down their diplomatic guard, they tend to reccommend Alpha-Core then others. Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial period. Do ask for the RC networks, some amps absolutely require them.
On my Thiel CS 2.4, I use the Synergistic Research Tesla Precision Reference SC, Acoustic Ref & Precision Ref IC, & Precision AC, T3 & T2 power cord.

With these cables, I obtain the maximum of my system.
Well I had some cardas quadlink spkr cables running and then bought used straightwire crescendo at a deep discount and would prolly be happy if I'd paid full price.Not really!
Even though it was the final missing link to pure audio bliss it became even more so when I read the thiel manual and actually used a nut driver to tighten down the lugs on the spade connectors.
I have Thiel pcs & ss-1 sub driven by pass pre and amp. I have tried several different cable brands, and presently using Acoustic Zen and Grover Huffman ic's with Grover sc, Transparent and vodoo, and stock pc's. I also use Transparent ultra sc for a change of pace. I think you have to really focus in on what you like and dislike with your set up, and use cables to dial it in. Change 1 at a time. I used to think, stick with one brand, but in my system I am using the Acoustic silver between the cdp and pre and Grover copper from the pre to amp, with excellant results, more air (detail). Wouldn't it be nice if we all lived on the same block. lol
I have Thiel 2.4 driven by Parasound Halo JC1s and I can't imagine a better speaker cable than the Anti-Cables
I have just passed the 200 hours and they are Terrific!
Thank you all for your responses!!
I just wanted to let you know what my present system is.

Electrocompaniet ECI 4 fully balanced intergrated amp.

Esoteric SA-10 SACD player

Vincent CDS6 Mk cd player with both balanced and unbalanced outputs.

VPI Scout Turtable with Nordost Heimdall phono cable RCA

Wright Sound WPP200C phono preamp with a WMT phono Step Up Device.

PS Audio Premier Plant
The Electrocompaniet is a fine amp, but in mine and others experience, not the best match for Thiels. Despite EC's claims to the contrary, the Thiels impedance load is a rough ride for the EC's. BTW, the EC's are lovely with Meadowlarks.
Thanks Unsound for your response.

What would you suggest as an alternative/s to the Electrocompaniet?

Additionally, some have referred Purist Audio Design for my Thiel's. Does anyone have an opion on this suggestion?

Hififan, FWIW, with Thiels, I like "real" Krells, Pass and Threshold. Others and perhaps yourself if you like the EC sound, seem to like Ayre, big c-j ss, Levinson and Rowland. Think quality first, and as much of that quality as you can afford. IMHO, so called high current designs, highly biased into class A, seem to work well.
The strength of Theil speakers lies in their phase correct nature- they can image like bandits when properly cabled. By far the most phase correct cable on the market are the Active Tesla cables from Synergistic Research. If you want to play to the strengths of your Theil speakers, try and audition Tesla cables side-by-side with other cables you may be interested in.

The Cable Company is a great place to perform such experiments.
Kimber Select
"By far the most phase correct cable on the market are the Acitve Telsa cables from Synergistic Research."? Can you substantiate this claim?
Not a shot
No problem. Other cables I've had in my system seem to impart a "perspective" to the performance in terms of sound staging and this holds true from recording to recording. In other words, with one brand of cables my system can sound forward, while another imparts a back row perspective, while yet another sounds more mid-hall. This effect has always held true from recording to recording with specific brands of of cables. Sound staging, layering, image height, ect are all aspects of phase information.

Now that my system is all SR Tesla I hear some recordings that are front and center while others layer deep behind my speakers, behind the rear wall, out side the boundaries of my speakers, sometimes my side walls, and on exceptional recordings, all of the above. I have never heard cables that are as dimensional in my system as the Tesla cables nor have I heard cables that change perspective so dramatically from recording to recording. Thsi is why I conclude Tesla cables are phase accurate.
Shelie, with all due respect, I find your assertions to be limited in scope, and your "conclusions" presumptious.
"I find your assertions to be limited in scope, and your "conclusions" presumptious".

Can you substantiate this claim? After all you asked for the "why" of my statement, and with all due respect, you attacked me, not my conclusions.
Shellie, not trying to gang up on you but you did make an absolute statement that is awfully hard to justify.

Back on subject, as you can see hififan lots of cables work with Thiels - it will eventually come down to your personal preference. There is no best cable but hundreds of choices.
Hey Pops,
I am not trying to start a flame war but my statement is based on my experience with SR Tesla cables and several other brands. As I stated, they image like nothing else I have ever heard in my system. If anyone can offer another explanation as to why these cables are so holographic I'm all ears.

I also agree there are many fine cables out there so it's important to audition different cables before making a final decision. That's what I did.
I get it Shellie, at least you've heard in your system and have first hand experience to back up your claims and I respect that. I'm only saying there is no such thing as best cable unless you tried every cable on the market, and even then take measurements out, there still has to be some degree of subjectivity. No flames intended on this end.
Shellie, I meant you no insult. I think Pops has expressed my sentiments perfectly.
I thank you all for your reponses and input to my questions. I hope that we can maintain a friendly and opened minded discussion as pertaining to the theme/s of this thread. I, as well you, love and am fascinated by this hobby.

After I purchased my Thiels,I contacted Thiel Audio in the hope of getting suggestions on the best cables for the Thiels.I was given a list of manufacturers that in their opinion worked well with thier speakers including Alpha-Goertz,Kimber,Synergistic Research,Cardas among others.Then I spoke to one of the technical directors who tended towards Synergistic Research as a design that seemed to work well with their product.

I live and work as an opera singer here in Munich,Germany ( I come from Houston).At the 2008 Munich Highend Show, I met and spoke to the european distributor( out of Belgium) of Synergistic. He loaned me the Tesla Precision Ref. speaker cables to try on my system.I liked them quite alot but was not wowed by them.I guess I would have needed the intíre system connected with these cables to understand and appreciate them.I originally heard my speakers connected with Kimber KS series which was quite impressive although a bit on the bright side. In any event
I am using Einstein Superior Vivace cables which are from a previous system.

I contacted the Cable Company about their suggestions. Two different salesmen suggested three different companies. Synergistic Research,Goertz and Purist Audio. So this is where I am at the moment. I am going to try these cables in my system along with Kubala-Sosna.

By the way Unsound, I am going to be in Houston in may and am going to contact Threshold( which is located in Houston ) about their products and maybe a listening session. I hope that will work since I am a consumer. I didn't know that Nelson Pass was a founding engineer. Interesting!!

Does anyone have any opinions about Purist Audio on Thiels?


Thank you for your input!
Hififan61, please note that the current owners of Threshold have little to do with the Nelson Pass designed Thresholds. Mr. Pass has been generous fielding questions and commenting on his involvement with the Threshold products he designed at: v I have no experience with Purist Audio on Thiels. As another has posted here, I have had good luck with Straightwire and WireWorld speaker cables with Thiels too, but, others might disagree. At the risk of pushing the Alpha-Core Goertz speaker cables too much, I should add that many seem to think these cables work particularly well with Threshold amplifiers as well. The Alpha-Core RC networks or suitable substitutes should be considered mandatory when used with the Threshold amplifiers. Best of luck.
I don't have purist audio experience either though have considered it in the past. I have owned several cables with my Thiels: Alpha Core MI2, Straightwire Maestro II, Audience AU24, Kimber 8TC, Kimber Select 3035, Kimber Monocle, MIT oracle, magnum and several others like 750 series. My favorites are 8TC, Goertz, and Straightwire in that order. But there are too many variables to say it would work that way with you also. Try as many as you can!
I replaced my Harmonic Technology cables with Mapleshade Double Helix for my 2.4s and these are simply amazing. More coherence, bass extension, microdynamics; it's as if the soundstage is now in fine focus. 30 day money back if you don't like them. According to Mapleshade, the dielectric is extremely important, and I am convinced this is the case and that they have hit upon a superior solution. After three months they continue to improve.