Any cable experts online?? Whose cables are these?

Hi Guys, I'm trying to determine the brand/model of these speaker cables. There are no logo's on the terminals or cables themselves. The system they're from are from the 90's. Any ideas?? (copy/paste into your broser)
Make clickable links, more folks will check out your thread and possibly offer advice.
They look homemade. I've done it myself, with better-looking results.
These were on here recently. The people that responded then said they were homemade also.
They look like Audioquest that I owned back in the early 90's.
They look like Audio Research Litzlink 1 cables from the late 1980's or early 1990's. I have only seen the brochure but they sure look like them. I own Litzlink 2 cables which were the more expensive version. These cables were hand made in house by Audio Research until a few years ago. Though I think the black litzlink 1 version may have been discontinued earlier. None of the ARC cables that I have seen have any markings on them. They used those smaller spades to fit the screws on the speaker strips Audio Research used back then.
Where the light is reflecting off of the back of them in photo #1, it makes them look either braided, or shielded. Then in the second photo, it looks like a wire in spiral wrapped around them, at least to me.

I have a headphone extension cable I bought years ago, that has a bad connection in the jack end. When these are used, it sounds just like their plugged in the headphone preamp itself. No added coloration, or loss of anything. I have a generic extension cable that I bought years back that I can't remember where it was from. Both have no markings. The unused spare one sounds so bad, I can't even use it. I think I could buy some discount store one that may sound better, but that's not saying much. I guess I'll just see if I could find a halfway decent jack to fix the old one. I just brought this up because I'd like to find close to, or exact replacement of the original, to have for a spare.
Thanks Guys, It was confirmed by a current owner of similar cables, that they are indeed Audio Research Litzline speaker cables(litzlink were the interconnects) Thanks to all responders, who took time out to assist me !!