Any cable delivers more bass than Cardas Golden Reference?


Im using Golden Reference in my System(Merlin VSM Speakers), and the bass is natively stronger with the Gold Ref than any other cable i had the chance of using.

This is a good thing in the case of my system as the speakers are a little lean for my taste, so the cable, whether it adds unnatural bass or being very natural, is very good or me.

I want to go deeper since i have to buy a longer pair(from 1m now to 2m), because distances between amp and speakers recently changed here.

So before i buy id like to know if there is even more "bassey" cable out there.

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Of course, like any stew, it all depends on the rest of the ingredients and their interaction...

Just like you cant really cook anything serious off a book, so its here...

No Review or anyone's opinion can make your system work for you...

You have to try and change things around...

No shortcuts in this, or any field where taste is a participant...
Yes High Fidelity Cables and their magnetic technology
is Very love w distortion,Accuracy,from highs to the deepest Bass.
is Night and Day better then Any Cardas Cable .it is stunning in some respects.the magnetic line condition8ng is the best I have
even heard . I bought the lesser expensive model  Helix Pro-1 .
that in itself is exceptional .
I dunno.. snake oil or not.. I think If u really want to believe something (in this case bass enhancing cables) enhances ur experience, by all means dive right In! The power of the human mind is quite extraordinary!
Its not about "enhancement " as a thing.
Its about a combination of components, Cables included, that deliver a tonal balance that you personally like. Why would it be anything less than obvious...?
I have tried Cardas,MIT,Acoustic Zen 
The best is Black Cat very coherent from 
top to bottom.