Any Bryston B100 owners? Help please

Today I auditioned a Bryston B100 with the built-in DAC (privately, not at a dealer).

The sound was clean; no questions there.

However, the output level seemed strangely low, for an amplifier that is 100 watts/ channel.
To get a moderately-loud volume level, I had to have the volume knob at the 12-oclock position or higher.

Something just didn't seem right about this to me.
The Bryston dealer I spoke to said that 12 o'clock should be essentially full gain.

The speakers were not exotic nor inefficient -Paradigm mini monitors. I also tried another pair of speakers with the same results.

I compared the Bryston to an Arcam Alpha 9 (75 WPC), and the Arcam seemed to have a higher output level.

Does anyone have any experience with this amp?

Also, can anyone confirm whether the amplifier section of this unit still has the 20-year warranty, depute there also being a DAC inside?
The local dealer stated that because of the DAC, the warranty on the whole unit is limited to 5 years.
This seemed to contradict the warranty card in the box, and doesn't seem sensible to me.

The warranty for Bryston digital components is indeed difference from the regular amps and pre amps. Check their website and contact them directly for both issues. This from AA website. " What kind of manufacturer's warranty do Bryston products have?
The Bryston manufacturer's warranty is unprecedented in the consumer electronics market.

Bryston analog audio circuits are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for twenty (20) years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labor.

Bryston Digital circuits and cables are warranted for five years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labor.

Bryston products having motorized moving parts, excluding motorized volume controls, are warranted for three years from the original date of manufacture. The warranty includes parts and labor.

In the event of a defect or malfunction, contact Bryston's repair centers for return authorization."
An amps gain is not the same as wattage. The number of watts needed to play loud has more to do with it's tendancy to clip/distort at loud volumes.
I did note that this piece does have some kind of software controlled volume so there may be an issue with that.
I owned a B100 for 5 years (gone for a year now) and at 12 o'clock it was way too loud for my Dyn C1's 4 ohm (85db). Mine did not have a dac. Watt's can be very deceiving IMO. 2 examples when I owned mine. First the Nain XS @ 60w sounded much stronger than the B100. Second the Octave V70SE 70W (Tube integrated) sounds as powerful as the B100 but the Octave has a world more 'control' with the sound. That's what I upgraded to. Don't get me wrong the B100 is a great unit. You may want to audition the B100 at a dealer if possible.
James Tanner (VP of Bryston) answered your question over st the Bryston Circle. Not sure if you saw it.