Any Boston Acoustic sub fans?

Dont hear alot about their subs...contemplating the older PV 700\900 series...any constructive feedback? I have some VR floorstanders and have been pleasantly surprised with their bass reproduction...clean, fast, and very musical...a tough lean at times ....hence the sub question...could always go HSU, SVS, etc as well...mostly music application
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I'm currently using a pv700 in a secondary system, which replaced (and improved upon) an older Paradigm. It's a solid piece--fast and musical. It doesn't plumb the depths or call attention to itself like say, a REL, but it's easy to integrate and a keeper. As for whether your VR floorstanders would benefit from a sub, I dunno--the VRs go pretty low on their own.
I have an outstanding project to undertake to refurb a pair of old Boston a40 monitors and an older M&K sub sitting in my basement together. This should make for a very nice combo someday when done.
I had a pair of the A40's with an ADS pb1500.
I thought that was a good match.