Any body have experience with OPPO BDP-80?

Any body have experience with OPPO BDP-80? This would be in my budget and I like the idea of having the blu-ray and SACD in the same unit so I'll have less components, but would consider getting a stand along SACD player as I already have a blu-ray player that's working just fine.

What do you recommend?
I love the 80. I don't use any of the audio processing. The HDMI outputs to the AV processor for hirez and the digital out goes to the DAC. Beautiful picture and stable transport for little money. You're not paying for features you don't use. When I want to spin a CD I use the MacMini or the Oppo. SACD can output PCM or DSD and the new hirez bluray audio formats are spectacular.
So the SACD goes to the receiver via HDMI and PCM and doesn't require anything special from the receiver?
Yes, the digital multi-channel can go over HDMI to a receiver capable of decoding it. The SACD can be sent as PCM or DSD. I think DSD sounds better. Your processor has to have the capability of decoding DSD via HDMI or will default to PCM. Either way the processor is doing the work of the Oppo. Or, you can use the analog outputs from the Oppo. In my case, my receiver is a better decoder. If your receiver or pre-pro handles True-HD and similar hirez signals, then the HDMI will carry all the digital outputs from Oppo. My Onkyo locks onto the signals without problems or dropouts. The Oppo is very reliable.
Also, if and when monies become available, JT of Exemplar can make your Oppo the 'Best Sounding Digital in the World' least the best that I've personally heard.
It's true. For $2500. Exemplar rips out the lesser parts in the audio section and creates a digital god player. Actually, killing my Denon 5910, also an Exemplar upgrade. Makes mine sound broken. WOW.
For anyone looking for digital, NOTHING I'VE heard comes close to this...
Good luck and good listening Mceljo.
I didn't make this very clear...the $2500. includes the price of the Oppo, $500.
Maybe, and I can't know this, JT would take your player later and upgrade it? Who knows...doesn't hurt to ask though.

I don't see myself ever spending $2,500 on any type of CD player, simply too rich for my blood. That's nearly a factor of 10 off from what I'm spending.
Ric Schultz at has an incremental price menu for mods of new Oppo BDP-83 and the even newer BDP-83SE blue Ray player.
Not too much has to be spent to gain significant initial benefit, with the option for more expensive prices if you need better/best.
Based on the original question, I think it is fair to assume that expensive mods are not what he is after. Personally, I see a lot of pressure to push mods and expensive equipment here. I think it is better to offer options within the OP's price range rather than propose expensive mods and alternatives. Another option would be to add an affordable DAC to your existing player to improve the CD portion but that will not augment the SACD output. To do that would require a stand alone SACD player. For the money I would recommend the Sony 595 CD/SACD changer witch shows up on the Sony Style website for $60 frequently. However, the BD-80 has good overall capability.
Why not buy a BDP-80 from Oppo and take advantage of their 30 day return policy? Try it for yourself and decide if it suits you. If not, return it for a full refund.
I pulled the trigger on the Elite SACD player and will take advantage of their 30 day return policy if necessary. I think it will be the better SACD player and that's the main goal.
Why do you think the Elite will be better on SACD? And are you not going to compare?
"Why do you think the Elite will be better on SACD? And are you not going to compare?" - Jfz

The Oppo is a less expensive unit with significantly more features. I realize that a more expensive unti isn't always a better sound, but it's certainly an indicator when you get more features for significantly less money. In this case it's about a 72% increase in retail value for the Elite and doesn't include blu-ray, DVD-R, HDMI, etc. as features. Also, there are several features on the Elite, such as the pure audio mode, that are indicators that the designers were focused on audio quality.

A comparison would be difficult as I would have to order both and then return one. I love doing in store demo's, but am not going to purchase anything with the intent of returning it.

I'm sure I would be happy with either one, so I opted to get the simple focused unit with a great sale price.
"Fair enough", Mceljo. I certainly wasn't challenging you. I was just curious. I never make audio decisions any more without doing direct comparisons of my options in home. Too many assumptions made and lessons learned "the hard way" for me. By the way, just so you know: the Oppo has Pure Audio too.

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