Any Blu Ray players made in the USA?

Or maybe the UK? Preferably in the kilobuck range?

It takes a long time to find pics of the players backsides, zoom in, and all that. Arcam's isn't out yet, Marantz and Oppo come from China. Who else could I check on?

Too new. There aren't any DVD players built in the US either. When it comes to lasers and transports there are no CD players as well.

To get an American built BluRay player the goal would have to be performance no matter the cost and $1000 is unrealistic even for a CD player.
why do you ask...?
Made in the USA most likely would have imported parts in it too.Some makers will at least say assembled in the USA.Link>>[]
And there are no TVs built in the US either.
Walmarts are built in the U.S.A. but the majority of what is inside comes from China:)
Let not getting too complicated here guys. The poor guy just wanted some Hi-End Blu-Ray players as a new toy I guess. Arcam came out with FMJ BDX Blu-Ray player, and Lexicon came out with BD-30, those players are almost guarantee not Made in China along with some Pioneer Blu-Ray players as well as some Marantz and Denon models. There's your Arcam player my friend.
Big Americanism!Not a good phenomenon for America's advancement.
McIntosh MVP881 BR which will be using a lot of Denon/Marantz parts inside but assembled and balance of parts will be built in Binghamton New York. But get your wallet out!
Nguyen357 pretty much hit it on the head. I just haven't seen the BDX yet on the Arcam wesite. My understanding was that it would still be a few months in coming, and would probably be well over the $1k mark, since their regular DVD players easily exceed that. The Mac will be even more of course, but I think it's likely to be a redone Marantz, and the Marantz players all come from China as far as I can tell. Probably best for me to just wait and see if the Arcam comes down in price after awhile.

Heard Ayre is coming out with a BD player based on an Oppo platform. 10K range. You wanna play, your gonna pay.
I thought I once flashly came across an article (or magazine) about Ayre Blueray, but now I couldn't locate it from its WS. It was a black one...
If 1 day, Krell and Bouder come out with one, it'll prbably be couple kilobucks, or yet megabucks as well.
I thought the Lexicon is based on the Oppo player itself--which comes from China also.

Vsfang, it's not a bad for American's to want to buy products made in the United States. Purchasing American products helps to employ Americans. I'm sure people in your country prefer to do the same, but we don't refer to them as "Big Chineseism".
One thing for sure,Americans have some of the best engineers,talent,and products when they want to.Otherwise our products wouldn't be copied,reverse engineered,and counterfeited so much.I think Americans welcome something new from another country fairly well also.