Any Blu Ray player that will also play SACD's ?

I am close to buying a Blu Ray player but is there any players out that will also play SACD's.

I have a Cary SACD player that play's SACD's but only in stereo.
I also have a Denon 5910 that I could move to another room to make room for a new Blu Ray player but I hate to give up on my SACD's Multi Channel and for that matter DVD-A discs Multi Channel .

Any Blu Ray player that will play SACD's ?
Or is there any plans for one?

If not, thanks alot Sony!
the coming Oppo Universal will play pretty much all 5 inch discs
You want to make sure (I think?) that, not only does the player play SACD's, but that it outputs them in their native resolution. I think the Oppo players that play SACD's, at least thus far, can only output SACD's and DVD-A's via PCM which, as I understand it, basically down-rez's their stream to that of a redbook CD. Some correct me if I'm wrong.
I don't know but will be interested in the answer. Also, will it have a digital input to accept feed from a streamer/server?
Denon is bringing out a model that will.
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I asked that exact question to a Sony rep via their website live chat feature earlier this week. I really wanted to try their BDP-S2000ES last fall but it lacked DTS-MA so I waited. Then their new 5000ES came out and it will decode all the new codecs but still lacks SACD. The rep said there are no plans at Sony to include SACD in the future for their stand-alone Blu-ray players. Hopefully that will change but I'm not holding my breath.

She couldn't tell me if the reason was technical or otherwise, but Sony was pretty quick to incorporate multichannel SACD capability in their DVD players a few years ago so it appears that their support for the format may be waning.. time will tell.
PS If you phone Oppo about their upcoming BDP-83 universal player; per my post above, make sure to ask them if it does play SACD and DVD-A (and it should as this is their stated intention for the player) whether it downsamples both formats via PCM output as does their 983H. I have the latter and it does play SACD and DVD-A, but downsamples both via PCM. The BDP-83 is meant to be a replacement for the now discontinued 983H DVD player. I did speak to Oppo about a little over a week ago and they had pushed the release forward to late Feb. - early March.
Older Sony Playstation 3 either last years 80 gig or the older 60 gig units. The 60 gig Playstations is fully backwards compatible with Playstation one and two games. Both have really good and fast loading blueray player and upsamples regular DVD video well. The remote is blue tooth and they are wifi so you can stream audio and video from your computer. I have last years 80 gig and it works really well. Not as backward compatible with older games as the 60 gig but sounds and looks great. I've downloaded two classical SACD files to my computer and the playstation 3 played them fine through my wireless network.
Here's a good FAQ that addresses playing SACD on the older PS3 model.
Crap! You guys just ruined my day! I received a Sony PS3 for my birthday last year from my wife (kudos hun), and now I find out that the unit she bought me is not SACD compatible. I'm using mainly as a Blu-Ray player, but had hoped that it would serve as a back up if anything happened to my SACD player. FWIW, I have a 40G PS3.

I hope this makes you all feel better....

That's a good link with info Jax2. I purchased a Canon HF100 hidef camcorder that records to SD memory cards. I pull the 16 gig card from my camcorder, install it into the 80 gig PS3 and watch all my hidef recording right on my PS3. The PS3 does it all and does it well. Just get the right model that fits your needs.

Ecstatic... oh, balanced one!

RE-gift.... buy the newer one in the same color as the current, er, previous one.
Oppo just emailed that the Player will support SACD, DVD-A over HDMI and analog outs.
I think I recall seeing a DSD option for SACD in the preffs menu on my 980H... AND PCM.

Wadaya mean they pulled the 983?


is the Anchor Bay tech used in the 983, being implemented in the new BR player?

I sure hope so. That would make it a killer unit.