Any Black Sabbath fans who discovered Witchcraft?

I'm a Black Sabbath fan approaching 40.Recently i discovered this Swedish band Witchcraft which sounds like a vintage Sabbath.apparently these guys are using pre-1970 tube recording equipment and mixing consoles so the sound is truly retro.They released 2 albums so far:Witchcraft (2004) and Firewood (2005).The second one is really Sabbathy while the first one is half Black Sabbath/half 60s garage rock.I haven't been surprised for a long time but this band did it for me.
I'll check em' out. I am stll a "Sabbath Head".....
Funny, I did a search for Witchcraft at It didn't pull anything from Witchcraft but it did pull up Black Sabbath...I guess they agree!

I nosed around it, but I didn't like the vocalist. I've read high praise about them though, so chalk it up to personal preference. I'm partial to Count Raven as far as "not Sabbath but damn close" goes. If you haven't, also check out "Welcome to Sky Valley" by Kyuss - their best and most raw 70s. Not exactly Sabbath... but tickles many of the same nerves.
The vocals kinda grow on you over time.Also,vopcals on the first album sound different from the second album (the second being better) due to them switching to another recording facility.Btw,the second album is self titled.
The second album would fit perfectly in Master of Reality/Vol.4 era.