Any better spkrs than Era D4's for computer audio?

Running a Peachtree Audio Decco from my laptop via USB. Looking right now to buy some D4's to pair up with the Decco. Peachtree themselves even uses this combo. Any other alternatives to the D4's in the $400/pr price range? Type of music listened to is heavy classical, jazz, contemporary Christian.
I have the desktop Swans that I like very much.
Good clean bass and smooth mids and up from there.
Nice tone controls too.
D4's are sweet speakers for the money. I really enjoyed mine.
The D4s are not really made for really nearfield listening. I tried putting mine on my computer desk and it didn't sound right.

What you want are the DS4.5. They have a similar tonal balance, but are designed to be listening to super nearfield. I use these and an iDecco for my computer desk and the setup is fantastic.
I'm using the smaller Era D3 for nearfield monitors and am quite happy with them.
Audioengine 2's are amazing, and especialy so for the price and versatility.

I've done a lot of experimenting with different gear on my desktop. It will be hard to do better than the D4 with an iDecco. It's a fantastic match. I tried the Harbeth P3ESR which sounded nice, but were a too big. The Peachtree DS4.5 is good, but sounds best with the grilles removed. The D4s have a less boxy sound on vocals than the DS4.5s.

The D4s are supported by a REL T5 subwoofer, which makes an excellent match.
NHT M-00s, esp w S-00 sub. Can be equalized for near or mid field. Feeding them w the output of a MusicStreamer II+, controlled by the NHT PVC. Somehow, even w dual flat panel monitors between them, they even project a nice soundstage w decent imaging.