Any better DAC then dCS Scarlatti?

I heard about new DACs on the market better than Scarlatti.
StahlTek Vekian and GTE Audio.
Someone compared them with Scarlatti?
Any other DAC compared with dcs?

It will be also interesting how my new DAC-S will do against the SOTA digital contenders, including the ones you are mentioning, so I will try to bring one, just for fun. :-)

Looking forward to it!

Alex Peychev
Hello to all

if : useing DAD for computer music server (for PCM like 24/96).
can i use the DSD or DXD mod for play back ?
and if it worked , is it useful ?
or better sound than 24/96 mod ?
I mean converting PCM to DSD or DXD !
Hi all,

IMO, also the Concert Fidelity DAC-040 Vacuum Tube Converter is better then dCS Scarlatti (four elements).

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