Any Bay Area DIY Speaker People Out there? Upgrade

I am looking to replace the Capacitors in my speakers from PAS-CAPS to Auricaps. The crossover in the speaker which has been removed (Michael Green Chameleon III) is fairly simple.

I am very new to soldering and replacing CAPS, however really want to learn. From my look, each speaker has 2 Sets of 3 CAPS, and each set is soldered in 4 places.

I am looking for anyone who does, or knows of anyplace/business who can come over to my home and Replace the CAPS. It doesn't look like a large job, I can't imagine it would take more than an hour. I am more than happy to pay for your assistance of course. I do have local repair contacts, but I do not want to have to bring the speakers from my home to the repair place as they are large.
De2d307d e5fa 40ba 9fc0 0d95b5a6df5djustlisten're talking of a simple task that could be done by any local tech.
just let him know what needs to be done and it will be done.
they might curiousely ask you why you'd like to replace a pretty worthy caps by another ones. just ask them to do the job in that case since not too many of them would understand that this is upgrade.

imho i'd stay away from such "project" since you never know if you're going to improve your speakers or not.